Answers to Questions you may have

1.  Why is there different prices on the same size photo's that is offered for sale? 
When a person pays for a portrait setting they get the advantage of a different price structure because of the service they are paying for.  A majority of the events we photograph we aren't paid any money except what we make off of the sale of a photo.  So to make it pay for our time, etc... we charge more for the photo's we sale from an event.  We are also a supporter of our local youth & 4-H so occasionally we'll offer discounts for those types of events. Also the type of print you choose may effect the price like a budget price compared to a deluxe print.    

2.  When I checked the pictures out for an event and then a couple weeks later I went to place the order and found the picture prices have changed.  Why?
We may offer a discount for the first 30 days of posting our images to encourage sales of that event up front to help with the costs & time of doing the event.  After that 30 days then we raise the price of the photo's.  We encourage you to order as soon after the event as you can to get the best deals we offer. 

3.  Why do you charge for an event image to be posted on our web-site?
When we do an event the majority of the time we are not paid for our time.  We earn it with the sale of each photo or image.  So in order for us to shoot an event and provide you with photo's you can treasure then we need to charge for each image no matter how it is used.  Those cost vary depending on the end use.   

4.  Do you offer discounts to previous customers? 
We appreciate our previous customers so we are happy to give them some kind of discount. Generally it would be a % discount on their orders.

5.  Events?
It's best to contact us before an event to see if we'll be there or arrange for us to be there.   Then before your event find us to let us know about the time, place, etc...  Or if you notice us at an event be sure to let us know you are interested in us capturing a photo's and what shots your wanting.  This way it's not left to chance to capture any of it or not what you were hoping for. (We are currently wearing Orange T-Shirts that has our logo SumPhoto on the front and back)

6.  I forgot my password?
Just contact us with the event/portrait that you are trying to access and we'll send the password.  (It'll only be given out to those who have the privilege of viewing that particular site-who they give it out to is there choice.),

7.  I'm having troubles ordering?
PhotoReflect is a service we use to help get pictures posted fast to the Internet.  We have noticed from the feedback from our customers that images put into the purchase basket doesn't usually stay there between log-in's.  They have upgraded recently so it may now work if you are logged in.  We have not received feedback which means it might be working.  To be safe, it might be a good idea to write them down for later reference or to order later. Such as what event, what subcategory, and what picture number.  You can also use this info to call us directly with an order, faxing, or emailing us.  We highly encourage you to use the services of PhotoReflect though.  If not then be sure to include with each photo what it is you want to order like size, finish, cropping, etc....Then we will let you know what the total amount due would be.  We reserve the right to wait for the check to clear before sending out your order.  So understand there will be delays. 

8.  My Internet is to slow and it's frustrating to try to view the photo's.  What options do I have?
First of all we really try to encourage the viewing of the photo's thru our Internet site because our prices reflect that savings.  Yet we don't want our customers frustrated so please contact us.  We do offer some alternate options which might involve extra costs because of the additional time, materials, etc required that wasn't factored into the original price offered.

9. What are those options that you offer?
a)  We can put together slide show that is a "exe" file for approx $40.00 depending on how many pictures go into it.  It would be your's to keep.  For large events with many photo's this option would cost much more or may not be available. 
b)  If you live nearby you can call us and arrange with us a time & place to meet with us to view the photo's.  Cost can vary depending on if it was an event, portrait sitting, and if travel is required on our part, etc.
c)  We can print out Proof Sheets for viewing with a down payment towards the purchase price and the proofs being returned when placing the order.  The cost would depends on the size of proof pictures on the Sheets or if you want actual proof photo's.  You may also opt to keep the proof photo's for additional cost.

10.  What tips do you have for Senior Portraits?
This is such an important photo session.  So it is really good to know what tips there are to help get you the best photo's possible.  There is a wonderful article put out by the Billings Gazette dated April 9, 2005.  We encourage you to read the article before coming to your scheduled Senior Portrait Sitting.  We've been told that this really helped our clients that has had their Senior Portraits taken. 
Click here to view the article.    
11.  What tips do you have for Family Portraits?
The results are much more pleasing when everyone is color coordinated.  Wear the same colors or contrasting colors.  Generally the solid colors & darker colors give better results.  If anyone is wearing glasses it is best to have the lenses removed before the session so the glare is eliminated.  This helps the photographer to pay attention to other details.  If you don't want your lens removed then check at the place where you purchased them to see if you can arrange to use a similar frame.  Be sure to let the photographer know the ages of the group that they will be working with especially if little ones are going to be in it.  This helps us decide between us what to do to help capture their attention before the event.  It might help to bring a toy that will grab their attention.  We'll also bring what we have.  It's really important to describe what you are hoping to see captured or what you've seen that you liked.  Some of the tips for the Senior Portraits are also helpful.  So check it out too.

12. I'm having to enter my password between each page to view the photo's...why?
In order to use the photoreflect web site, your browser must accept cookies from Photoreflect. If your browser will not accept cookies from Photoreflect, you will not be able to login.

A session cookie is a very small text file stored temporarily in memory and is available only during the course of a session. Session cookies allow PhotoReflect to verify your identify and ensure that you may only view the photo's that available with that password. Conversely, session cookies ensure that unauthorized users are not allowed to view those photo's.

When you sign in to the PhotoReflect, the Web Page server issues your browser a session cookie that identifies you as an authorized user. On subsequent requests, verification is based upon the cookie presented back to the server. This means that you do not have to re-supply your username and password on each page request.

The session cookie is eliminated once your PhotoReflect session is terminated. A session is terminated in one of three methods: A)  You logout of the PhotoReflect  B)  You close your browser  C)  Your session times out. If you leave your computer unattended for more than 10 or so minutes, your session will timeout, and you will be required to sign in again.

13.  How does the print size effect my picture?
The camera we use has no cropping done with a standard 4x6 size or those related to that ratio (2x3, 4x6, 8x12, 16x24, etc).  When you want a print that isn't the ratio of a 4x6 then there will be cropping to have it fit to the size ordered (2x3.5, 5x7, 8x10, 16x20, etc.).  See illustration that shows aspect ratios.  When you order a size of photo you want we will size it to make it look it's best in that size you ordered.  This only becomes critical when the picture was originally taken up close and then it can present a problem depending on the size you want.  If you order a photo in a size that will not work then we'll contact you to see what you want to do.  Such as ordering another size or using another like picture, etc.....  

I can crop the pictures to fit the sizes shown-
but some important info might be lost
depending on the content of the picture.
These sizes work best with my camera-
with no cropping.
14.  Can I order other types of items using a photo you took? 
Yes we do.  If it's not listed below then check with us.  We offer all sorts of options such as:  (to go with the photo's you choose).  Contact us for more info & prices. 
Card Center-Generic or Custom Designed  for Christmas, Weddings, Greetings, Occasions, Announcements, etc.
4x8 Photo Cards (includes envelopes)
5x7 Custom Cards (includes envelopes)
5x7 Custom Folded Cards (includes envelopes)
Others available just ask
Bakery (An edible photo on a baked item)
Snaphoto Cookies
Elegant Photo Chocolates
Chocolate Photo Pops
Chocolate Photo Cards
Round Photo Cookies
Sweet Photo Lollipops
Photo Frosting
Photo Mouse Pad
White Ceramic Photo Mug
Black Ceramic Photo Mug
Photo Stone Marble
Photo Calendar
Photo Magnets
Fun Gifts
Photo Sports Balls
Tote Bags
Photo Coasters
Photo Magnet
Photo Puzzle
Photo Paint by Number kit
Playing Cards in Photo Tin
Photo Playing Cards
Photo Calendar
Color Pendant, Sterling Silver
Color Pendant, 14kt Gold
14 kt Gold Pendant, Round
14kt Gold Pendant, Oval
14kt Gold Pendant, Heart
14kt Gold Pendant, Rectangle
BBQ Apron
Photo Tee-Shirt
Home De'cor
Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch
Color Pencil Sketch
Watercolor Painting
Photo Coasters
Oil Painting
Photo Stone Marble
Keepsake Plate
Picture Perfect Laminated Mount
Canvas Print
Many sizes offered and in print, custom designed with prints of choice or put on Canvas and other
Photo Books
We offer all sorts from fancy to plain covers
Bounded, Lock-pin, spiral bound, etc
We offer custom designs to either be printed and mounted or custom designed layout that is bounded into a book

15.  What are my options when I order a Gallery Photo?
Our three options are:
A)  An unmounted print which you can take to a picture framer and have a frame made to your specifications
(We strongly recommend glass or clear acrylic, to protect the prints)
B)   ... or have the print in a pre-prepared white matte (archival board back and mask) which would fit a 'standard' size of
picture frame.
C)  Our third choice is to have the print fully mounted in a frame, however this is more costly to ship (especially glass...) so
we usually only provide this option where customers want a certain frame type for a set of prints to go in a particular location.

16.  What are some tips on preserving the photos I order?
A)  If they are to be hung on a wall keep them out of direct or strong sun.  Use glass or clear acrylic to help protect them. 
B)  Even some lights can cause photo's to fade faster than other lighting methods
C)  Keep them out of a damp humid place
D)  If they are to be stored in a photo album then make sure it is archival safe
E)  If you are to record information on the photo then use a archival safe pen

17.  Copyright
A word about copyright. No reproduction in any manner, of any image on this site in whole or part is permitted without prior written permission.  Plainly stated, the making of unauthorized copies of all copyrighted material is strictly illegal.  Prints purchased from SumPhoto may not be reproduced or scanned for any reason and may be only used for personal display (unless of course other agreements were established).  If you wish to publish or reproduce the materials in any physical or digital form or use them for any commercial purpose, including display or Web page use, you must obtain prior written permission from the photographer. Remember these copyrighted photos are like personal property to SumPhoto so ask before using in any manner than for your personal enjoyment.  All images are protected by Federal Copyright Law.  ©Sonya Murphy.  All Rights Reserved

18.  I have an odd shape frame that I want to put my print in?  Can I order an odd size print size?
You bet.  Just measure the frame in the back where the photo will sit and give us those measurements.  Then we'll order a print that will fit in it. 

19.  I took a picture that I want done into a art print of some sort or with a special effect.  Can you do that kind of work?
We'd be happy to help you out and clean it up, add to it, take parts out, & turn it into a art print.  Contact us for further information.  If you are using someone elses picture then you'll need to obtain permission.  If you have questions about this contact us and we'd be happy to explain. 

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