Updated: 9/3/2008
Updated on: 9/3/2008
*We try really hard to post the photos taken at an event as soon as possible.  In many cases when we take photos at an event we can easily get over a 1,000 photos.  In order to make it easier for our customers to view a smaller number of photo's we try to organize them by rider number, events, times, etc.....This can take several days to sort thru.  So please be patient as we hurry and sort thru all the photo's so you don't have too.  If you know we were at the event then give us a few days and keep checking back or email us to check on the status.  If it's in a busy season the delays can be longer--we do try to post them ASAP.

*We usually post all the photos we captured (unless they are really bad) to Photo Reflect.  This includes my daughters pictures (she's not as experienced).  We have found some of our customers like this so they can evaluate how they looked in riding.  In most cases they are untouched photos!  When you order them we'll color correct the image, sharpen, straighten them, lighten or darken them, etc.  If you order a picture that we feel won't work we'll contact you....to allow you to choose another option.

*We also post pictures as they are ready for each rider....keep checking back as we post more if you don't see your number. 

*We try to be careful in sorting but errors are bound to happen.  So look around in similar look alike numbers or in with rider numbers you were near by in the event.  Or write us with the time you rode with a description of what you were wearing, horse color, etc...to help with identification purposes.

*The photo's you order is ONLY to be USED for your personal enjoyment.  If you need them for advertising, business, web, commercial, etc....then contact us first, for additional fees that may apply. 

*Event Photo's will have a copyrighted signature printed on the front of the photo in a discreet place.  The images viewed on the Internet is of low quality-your order of course will be of higher quality.

*To have the image fit on the print you selected there may be some auto cropping done to the photo to fit the size ordered.  If it will take away from the image we'll contact you to give you a choice on what to do before placing the order. 

*We do offer basic retouching/cropping fee beyond what's mentioned above for a fee per image.  To have the photo touched up, etc....then select that choice for the shopping cart and then for the same picture select the size of photo you'd like.  Be sure to add notes for me if you'd like or contact me.  If it involves more than the basic touchup then I will contact you for additional fees that may apply.    

*We offer all kinds of ways to use the image such as canvas prints, prints on mugs, mousepads, puzzles, etc....  If you want one that's not listed contact us to make arrangements.

*We will make every effort to process your orders as quickly as possible.  But please allow for processing time, lab time (in most cases we send this off to a lab in another state), and then ship it to you.  Please allow at least 6-8 weeks.  Generally it takes about 2 weeks.  Need it sooner-contact us to make the arrangements and expect to pay extra for it.  After you place your order we'll email you within 3 days to let you know we received it, note any possible problems if any and that it is being processed for the print lab.  Then we'll email you again when we ship it to your address.

*Most of our photo's are now being posted to PhotoReflect.  This allows us to more quickly and efficiently post event photos.  They also have a more streamlined method of allowing our customers to order along with several payment options.  We do not receive any payment till our customers orders are shipped out.  We still accept orders directly if you prefer-contact us by email.  If you send them a check it will take much longer.  I don't even see the order till they record the payment.  So keep this in mind. 

*We are always open to ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc...if you find that something can be done better then feel free to email us.  

*We use US Priority Mail so we both can track the shipment.  The postage/handling fee is usually sufficient for most orders in the USA.  If you are wanting your photo's mailed other than the US Priority Mail, or your order is large, or the photo's are to be mailed out of the USA, then you'll need to contact us or we'll contact you on how much extra it would cost.    You could pay that extra amount by check or paypal.  When the amount is paid then the order will be shipped out to you.

*Be sure to read Photo Reflects Instructions. 

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Updated: 9/3/2008