Personal or Commercial Portrait Session (Farm Call):
Images can make a huge difference in your commercial promotions or business.  That first impression is based on the visual image we see.  We strive to make that vivid difference with a photo that will draw that much needed attention.   Others prefer a portrait with their favorite pet and want that conveyed thru the photo....We strive to make that difference according to your need and strive for a photo that will draw that attention!    

Personal Farm Call
(lodging & travel expenses may also be applied in addition to the regular fees)
1.  Deposit of $100.00 (non-refundable) will be required to hold the date (can reschedule with no penalties with inclement weather-if out of photographers area then lodging and food will also be due to photographer for delay)
2.  This will include up to 1 person, 3 large pets or 10 smaller animals & up to 3 hours OR
-will include up to 1 person , 3 small animals or 1 large animal & 1 Hour
(notify photographer before hand if additional person's, pets or time is needed for additional costs)
3.  All fees due will be paid at the time of the Photo session
4.  This fee DOES NOT include the cost of the photo's ordered. 
5.  Photo's can be ordered thru our website (1-3 weeks posting time and 3-6 weeks order processing time).  Most likely it will be sooner than those listed but this is to accommodate us in those busy times. 
6.  Photo's are for non-commercial use only (unless stated for Commercial and then other fees will apply)
7.  Check to see what discounts can be applied in certain conditions....such as arranging other farm calls, group rates, etc.

Commercial Farm Call (lodging & travel expenses may also be applied in addition to the regular fees)
Contact us with your goals so we can customize a package/bid tailored to your needs/goals & budget.
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Helpful Hints to help make the photo session & photo of Higher Quality:
1.  Please determine if the photo session is for personal or Commercial use.  This needs to be decided before the photo session.  (Fees will be charged based on the type/combination of photo session/photo needs).
2.  Determine before hand what type of photos you need/want for your purposes.  In other words do you want to have a selection of various poses, focus on head shots, &/or action shots of your animal?  Please verbalize this with the us before the photo session.  An idea to help you is to look for photo's that you like in a magazine to give us an idea of what you had in mind. 
3.  The time of year can make a big difference for the photo shoot.  So consider the season that you want the photo taken in.   
4.  Location can make a huge difference in the total outcome of the photo session.  Clean up, fix, or find a location that would be suitable to what you have in mind. 
5.  Make sure that the animal/pet is well groomed before we arrive.  The animal needs to be in top show quality if you want the photo to look professional. 
6.  If you are going to use any tack/equipment (like saddles, collars, halters, etc) be sure that they are cleaned and fixed up before the photo session. 
7.  The person being photographed with the animal needs to be in the appropriate attire that you have in mind, well groomed, and ready just before the photographer is comes.
8.  If you are having more than one animal in a photo session then be sure you have help on hand to handle the others not being photographed.
9.  Have in mind what it is that you want in the end as far as the photo goes.  Like are you wanting a large print, smaller prints, brag books, photo products, posters, use on web page, etc.  Then be sure and communicate that with us before the photo session. 

**Please read through and follow all of the above requirements before we come to make the most of your session.  If we are kept waiting then expect us to charge extra for the time. 
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