BHBFTA Horse Show Event

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More Samples Pictures listed below

What a wonderful event!  
I enjoyed watching each of you work with your horses and enjoy capturing those memories for you. 
Hopefully you can enjoy reliving the moment thru the photos I took!
Rider # 4  (Taylor)
Rider # 177  (Shoemaker)
Rider # 105  (Montesano)
Rider # 109  (MacDonald) Training Level Classic 1st Place
Rider # 128  (McGinley) Open Training Div A 1st Place
Rider # 107 (Pahl)
Rider # 157  (Webb) American Open Pre 2 day-1st Place
Rider # 110  (Beard)
Rider # 166 (Nice) Wyotana Standing 1st place
Rider # 174  (Troth) Open Intermediate 1st Place
Rider # 178  (Eagles)  Open Interm_2nd Place
Rider # 178 (Eagles)  Open Interm_2nd Place
Rider # 210  (Lewis) 
Rider # 255 (Youngbauer) 
  Stadium Jumper Friday June 2, 2006
  Stadium Jumper Friday June 2, 2006
  Stadium Jumper Friday June 2, 2006
  Stadium Jumper Friday June 2, 2006
Jumper Sat June 3, 2006
  Rider # 8 (Samberg)  Pre Comb Test -1st Place
  Rider # 199 (Worrall)  Senior Open Novice Div A -1st Place
  Rider # 210 (Lewis)  Junior Open Novice Horse Trial -1st Place
  Rider # 219 (Parker)
  Rider # 247 (Lantz)  Senior Open Beg Div A - 1st Place
  Rider # 257 (Gentle)  Senior Open Beg Div B - 1st Place
  Rider # 184 (Pogue)  Senior Open Novice Div B - 1st Place
  Rider # 213 (Hicks)  CombPIc
  Rider # 213 (Hicks)  SinglePic
  Rider # 276 (Wiest)  Junior Open Beg-1st Place
Samples of Posters I can do!  .    
  Rider # 256  (Mongon) Shadow
  Rider # 256  (Mongon) GBlur
  Rider # 214  (Mortensen) Stride
  Rider # 214  (Mortensen) Jump
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