Specials-2006 Moonrock Event
Pay $50.00 in Advance of the Event & Choose one item listed below:
*1 (16 x 20) Size Poster (see details below)
*6 (5x7) Size Photo's
*12 (4x6) Size Photo's

Pay $50.00 the Day of the Event & Choose one item listed below:
*1 (8x10)Size Poster (see details below)
*5 (5x7) Size Photo's
*10 (4x6) Size Photo's

Buy within the first month of Event and get a discount:
*Discounted price will be posted on web site

One month After the Event the Price Goes up:
*Be sure to take advantage of our Specials before the prices go up.

Pay $50.00 in Advance as a downpayment on a CD of all your images
*Will offer  (25) 4x6 size digital images with our logo for $2.00 each
*If we don't get 25 images then we'll offer a some other choices of prints. 
*We will pick the best of the 25 if there is more unless you contact us first.
*If you choose to get more than the 25 then we'll bill you for the difference-when payment clears then we'll send your CD with the images.  

The Posters Are Custom Designed by Sum Photo.
*Select the Background Color
*You can choose to seclect the 4 photo's you want to use (must be done ASAP or we'll pick them for you
*We'll use your favorite font if you have one
*Can preview the proof of the Design before order is made. 

Contact us on how to collect on your order.  Special instructions apply!.
If you are a customer from last year let us know for more savings.
If there is a large amount of orders then you'll have to be patient as we custom design the posters.  Allow at least 6 weeks.  Thanks.
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