As a high school senior, you are able to use a professional photograph in the yearbook, which we can provide. Most schools have an early yearbook deadline, so we recommend that you start at the beginning of the school year, or before, so the print can be delivered on time. If you are involved in athletic or academic activities, have a job, or busy schedule, try to have your photos taken in the summer while you have more time and the weather is cooperative.

Most of all have fun with it.  We’ll do our best to insure a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere and an enjoyable experience.

Here are some really helpful tips:
1.  Cut your hair more than a week in advance of the photo sitting.  But be careful a tan vs lighter skin colors will show up. 
2.  Sunburns cannot be corrected and will not look good for these important photos.  So avoid getting a sunburn a few days before. 
3.  Darker colors tend to work the very best.  Stay away from plaids, stripes, or bold colors.  Avoid white if possible. 
4.  Bring what ever props makes a statement about you....check with us before hand....some may not work well. 
5.  Long sleeves tend to work better. 
6.  If you want more of a glamour shot then have your hair done and makeup done before the session starts. 

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